Established Track Record At Aashirwaad, we have been successful because we have brought the discipline of running several businesses under one umbrella.
  • We have two decades of real estate experience.
  • We have negotiated over a hundred land and bungalow deals.
  • We have sold/leased/rented over 75 lac square feet of flats / offices / showrooms / godowns / sheds among others.
  • We are currently exclusively marketing over 90 lac square feet of residential space besides huge retail transactions.
  • Result: One stop solution.
    A Dynamic Database At Aashirwaad, our product may be real estate. But our asset is knowledge. As a result, our ongoing obsession is always to know more about the marketplace than the others. At Aashirwaad, our two decades of experience has helped build a huge database through a comprehensive coverage of the terrain. Across pin codes. Across streets. Across bylanes. From modest apartment blocks to mega residential complexes, offices, showrooms, land, bungalows and godowns among others. We interact directly with the buyers and sellers of all economic, social and demographic status. This has helped us amass extensive data on demand and supply in the real estate market. At any time, we have information on almost 90 per cent of the available properties in Kolkata. At Aashirwaad, we invite continuous inputs from consultants and property databases. Besides, we work closely with professionals in the building and legal community. We leverage solid community relationships, local knowledge, integrated services, market research and collective wisdom. The complement of these various businesses ensures that we can bring the competency gained in one to extend customer interests in another. Thanks to the integration, we have an over 20,000 active customer base and over 14,000 satisfied families.
    Result : Information. Anytime. Everytime.
    Dedicated Professionals To Serve You At Aashirwaad, we recognize that the people who buy through us do so with the savings of a lifetime. As a result, there are some courtesies that we consider absolutely inseparable from our business. Like adjusting our time-table to meet a prospective customer. Like answering his queries with patience. Like accompanying him on site visits. Like looking at a deal only from his perspective. And acting less as a marketing agent and more as a strategic adviser.

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